Saturday 13 August 2016


It was EVERYWHERE! This afternoon we went to the shopping centre to just look around. Something that was probably a bad idea. You should always go shopping with a plan, aimless walking around can get expensive. I few hours later after we still hadn't accomplished much other that a combined 4 trips to the bathroom when Lili pipes up "Mummy I need to go toilet" Since we are already heading back to the car I ask her if she can please just wait until we get home. She says yes but her hopping around like a rabbit possessed tells me otherwise. I decided to quickly run her back down to the toilet while Aarahi put the other kids in the car. We get to the toilet and I wait outside holding the door for her. I smelt it before I saw it. I opened the door and squeezed inside and there it was. Poop everywhere. All over her legs, clothes, toilet seat and floor but none in the toilet. "I told you I needed to go" she whimpered.

It took a good 20mins to clean her up and dump her dirty underwear and tights in the "feminine hygiene" products bin. All the while she kept telling me, "it's ok mummy we all make mistakes, thanks for not being grumpy with me" To tell you the truth I wanted to vomit from the smell and the sight of poop all over my hands. So as much as I was annoyed that we were now in the toilet for the 5th time in 2 hours I couldn't bring myself to let her know how frustrated I was. It wasn't her fault she must've had a sore tummy. But seriously it was EVERYWHERE.

We are now both sparking clean after showers. Luckily poop just washes right off.

All fresh from her bath, showing of her new Minion slippers. Daddy bought her new slippers because he ran her old ones over with the lawn mower. RIP Slippers 

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