Sunday 14 August 2016

Parks and Christmas Shopping

Auron finished up his school work in record time this morning. Reading, math and writing all done in less than 90 mins. His quick work meant we had plenty of time to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful day. Nice days have been few and far between around here.

We decided a BBQ in the park was the perfect idea. We are really lucky that Daddy doesn't start work until 2:30pm and gets to spent lots of time hanging out with us.

Auron always says "I hope I make a friend at the park today" Sometime he lucks out but today he made friends with a little girl and they played some very animated and exciting game for the whole 2 hours we were there. I love that he is confident to go up and make friends with other kids. I am even more happy that the times he has been knocked back haven't deferred him from trying again. That is one thing that I really admire about my Auron. He left the park today exhausted and happy, just they way I like it.

I started my Christmas shopping this week! Can you believe it? I really hate the madness that happens in December. I figured if I do it now I can avoid the chaos and avoid any kind of shopping centre if at all possible. Our kids are getting one big combined present this year of a really awesome wooden marble run. Other than that, they will just be getting a few things needed for our overseas trip early next year, like toiletries and new earphones for the plane. They are going to absolutely over the moon about this marble run though! We have a plastic one from Kmart that is next to useless and any attempt to play with it usually ends in frustration and disaster. So while this is expensive I expect it to last for many many years. Who knows maybe the grandkids will enjoy it one day!

You can purchase one here at  Buy My Things

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