Tuesday 10 September 2013

Month of Fun - Day 10 AQUATIC CENTRE

Today we ventured out of the house to find our fun. Auron had been bugging me all morning wanting to go somewhere so we hit the road (or pavement in our case) and headed for the local swimming aquatic centre. We took the bus, so perhaps not soooo local but we arrived within 30mins. The whole day Auron was the epitome of the well behaved child. He used his manners, sat quietly on the bus, held the doors open for people, held on to the pram while we were walking by roads. It was a far cry from the tantrum we experienced last week out in public. I guess I must have done something right today. 
Anyhow on to the swimming part of the day. The place we went to was called WaterMarc in Greensborough. The had watersides for the little kids which Auron loved and surprised me with his fearless attitude and he went down with no hesitation whatsoever. Lili loved all the spray toys and water fountains. I think what she enjoyed most was being able to crawl around and get into mischief by herself. She even when down the slides a few times. We had been almost an hour when Daddy came to join us after work.  We arrived just before 12 and left after 3, as you can imagine the kids were asleep before we even left the car park. I think a refreshing family swim was just what we needed today. 

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