Sunday 1 September 2013

Month of Fun - Day One

Well technically yesterday was the first of the month but it was Fathers Day so we did special things for daddy instead. Today however we have kicked of our month full of fun.
The aim of the month is to get out and see more places, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and really just enjoy being together, and having fun!
Each day we will head out of the house or stay home and do something fun or new. We have lots of exciting things planned and look forward to sharing them with you all!

Day One

Today started off with our regular Monday morning play group. The weather is absolutly wonderful, and warm so we spent the entire time outside. It reminded me that I need to go searching for the sunscreen and hats. They have just had the sandpit refilled with new sand so that was the new novelty today. Lili ate a good amount. It always surprises me when kids eat sand, seriously that stuff can't taste good! Even after we moved her away she kept finding her way back, in the end I just left her. I washed her mouth out a few times. I don't think she actually swallowed too much of it.
Since the kids loved the sand so much we went over to Bunnings and bought a sand pit. ($12) While we were there Auron ran off/got lost. I thought he was right behind me as I was talking away to him but when I turned around it was some other kid playing with the stuff in my trolley. He had gone all the way down to the opposite end of the store and was sitting outside on the foot path. One of the workers was nice enough to bring him back. I felt like a terrible parent but the lady said "find me a parent whose  kid hasn't run off at some point" then I felt better.
Our Fun Activity for the day was a trip to McDonalds for a frozen coke and a play on the play equipment. Auron LOVES McDonalds. We don't often go so it was a real treat. I think he actually just really likes frozen coke and associates that with Mc Donalds.

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