Saturday 7 September 2013

Month of Fun - Day 6 CHILDREN'S FARM

I had big expectations for today, but was somewhat let down. My husband later said to me that he really enjoyed the day because he had low expectations...perhaps I need to take his advice and lower my expectations so as to not be disappointed next time.

The place we went to was Bundoora Park Children's farm. We arrived around 10am and were excited to go see the animals. Paid our entrance fee. Then found our if you wanted to go on a tractor ride, or pony ride, or the train you had to pay extra. That was the first let down. The animals were pretty cute but they kind of freaked Auron out and he didn't want to go near them. We only stayed in the farm part for about 30 mins. Aarahi and I enjoyed the animals though.

There are lots of playgrounds at the park too so we set up our picnic in one of them and basked in the beautiful sun for the next 90mins. Lili loved stuffing her face with strawberries. Auron ran himself to the point of exhaustion and was fast asleep before we even left the carpark. We tried to teach him how to swing himself on the swing. I think we were about 80% successful.

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