Tuesday 17 September 2013

Month of Fun - Day 16 FINGERPAINT

This morning I was getting the milk out of the fridge to make Auron's breakfast, as I turned around I heard a horrible cracking sound in my neck. I don't know exactly what happened all I know is my neck is crazy sore and not feeling any better tonight. We have been camping out in the lounge since last Friday while Lili takes over our room and sorts out her sleeping (SO CLOSE by the way, last night only one wake up for 5mins!) I don't know if that has anything to do with it but probably. If it's not any better by tomorrow i'll go see someone. 

Today for our fun activity I made the kids up some Finger paint. Here's the recipe


6T salt
3T sugar
1/2C cornflour
2C water
Food colouring

In a saucepan combine salt, sugar, cornflour, water until well mixed
Continue to mix over a medium heat until thickened
Split the mixture into individual containers (I used four)
Add different coloured food colouring to each container and mix well
Once cooled you are ready to go!

Auron took a little while to get into this activity. I think he was a little confused about me wanting him to paint with his hands when usually I am trying to get him to use a brush or something. Once he got the idea that it was ik to get messy he had a great time. Lili had no hesitation but she was making waaaaaaay too much mess, getting more on her clothes than anywhere else. I put her in bed, and spent the next 40mins painting with Auron. I really enjoyed it too, quite therapeutic. 
I'm not sure what we will use our mural for, maybe wrapping paper? It's pretty cool. 

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